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Saturday, October 19, 2013


What is this? What do I mean? Ligayang Mabuhay is a special greeting I coined to emphasize my desire for the person or community I meet that I wish them a long joyful life. In the Philippines and for Filipinos abroad, MABUHAY is often used formally while it can also connote congratulations and best wishes, As for me, I associate it with the belief that life is good and beautiful and the moment in time we have should be celebrated well. We don’t need a special occasion to celebrate but it can be used on a regular day and emphasize that one can make it special and in the end attain a state of bliss. Ligaya may not exactly be the same as bliss but it means a high level of happiness and joy. I started using the phrase to greet family and friends and I am bent to pursue the establishment of a Club bearing the phrase. I envision the group to be optimistic, enthusiastic, innovative, cooperative and productive. It will allow our group to spend times together for our common interest and activities that can improve our well-being, our talent, our vigour indivIdually and have synergy within us and in interaction with other groups or community. I thank those few who I expected to join me actively and I will be happy to get support and cheers from others who may be far and away. Let’s be happy and thankful for we are given the precious gift of life and that we are in this world, a part of the big UNIVERSE during this convenient but challenging times. LIGAYANG MABUHAY SA INYONG LAHAT.