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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Why call me Amihan? It’s my legal name, given by my loving Filipino parents for their first-born who arrived in this world on a windy, stormy night in December. Amihan is often heard in weather forecast as the northeast wind, the opposite of Habagat, which is the southwest wind. Others refer to it as a windy breeze, monsoon or simply the wind or Hanging Amihan. In Tagalog mythology, Amihan is a bird and one of the first creatures that helped the first human Malakas (Strong) and Maganda (Beautiful).


Now, it seems there are a few of us that bears the name. Most seems younger than me. I still have to meet one in person that bears my name. But, I remember one of my mother’s patients who said she named her child after me. I love my name because it is: 1) distinctly Filipino, 2) easy to remember, 3) describes part of me who likes to be felt but not always seen 4) associated with royalty in Filipino shows e.g. Princesa Amihan played by beautiful actresses and 5) close to nicknames like Amy or Ami meaning beloved and a friend.

I was a college freshman in my Animal Science class at UPLB when my teacher said Amihan, a beautiful name and a big white horse was my namesake. It was resting near the classroom window when it happened.


What else bears the name? a) A boat in Bohol b) wing of cottages in an upscale resort c) a vinegar brand) a sculpture by a national artist e) a painting and poetry f) a communist alias I found in the net g) a song “Hanging Amihan –Hanging Habagat and more for me to find out.


My name is part of my fate, life and destiny. I lived and studied in New York for many years, which is part of the Northeast America. I work with orchids many of which are epiphytes or air plants. I study coastal flora and beach gardens. I am committed to spend my time in a beautiful windy island, Siargao popular for surfers. I teach how plants can be used more to clean the air in urban areas and interioscapes. Lastly, I spend my time in environmental advocacy for a cleaner environment and a clean air for all.

This is my first blog, my way to reach out beyond my circle. Thanks and Good day!


  1. Hi Ate Ami!

    Great first blog post! Now we can be blogmates! I have one at I'll put a link to your blog on my site so our visitors can interact with each other. I'll also mention you in a post later.

    Hope you're doing well! Let's get coffee sometime and catch up. :)

  2. Hi classmate. looking forward for more blogs in the future. God bless and happy blogging...

  3. Thanks Jon and Delfin, oh I had fun writing it and yes I will find time to blog some more. Best and hope to see you again too.