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Friday, January 24, 2014

Thinking about thinking green and beautiful

As I prepare for my talk, with the title THINK GREEN AND BEAUTIFUL, I am so amazed by how time flew and how good it is to dream, to travel, to work, to meet people and sometimes touch other people's lives even for a moment.

Life has been so wonderful and while I still have many dreams and wish to do many things---I know I finally know more of myself now than ever. And though am the idealist, optimist, dreamer who in many times belong to another universe if not in this world I still know and feel what is real and what is doable even under tough and complicated scenario.

I love green in all its form and meaning, I love beautiful places, people and things in their best form, memories and senses, To me beauty is beyond the eyes, it is something felt deeply without question or explanation. Now I can prove that beauty is within us and exist even in chaos and ruins, it becomes a state of mind.

How I wish life could be perfectly smooth, clean and strong free from the undesirables but I guess it makes us appreciate simple good things of value when we have gone through hard times, when we are challenged and we rise above it, when we see that it is not all about money but having  pleasure in us being alive.

I thank the supreme for the sun, the land, the water and all the beings that keeps me alive.

I live because of GREEN.
I am happy because if all things BEAUTIFUL great and small.
I wish to share why it means a lot to THINK and ACT.
We will have more heaven on earth if we all have to go and make use of our life and the best of
all things LIVING.

Enjoy your weekend,


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